Nuts 'n Bolts
  My training as a sculptor began with Carlos Dorrien while a student at Wellesley. From him I learned that suggesting the body’s presence can be more moving than surface description. While there I also learned the lengthy bronze process (with which I fell in love) from beginning to end in the foundry there. Click on this link to see the bronze casting process.

I still do most of the work myself apart from the casting. Molding, chasing, grinding, engraving and patination all give me the chance to control the quality and enjoy the finishing process of each piece. From a collector’s standpoint, this also adds a great deal of value to my pieces.

The images below show Miel in the rough form as it comes from the foundry, seam lines indicating where parts were welded together. The second photo shows the air hammer I use to work the surface of the skirt area.

  I also weld my own bases out of steel, the surface of which can be given a patina of almost any color. Having this measure of control over the outcome makes my work customizable based on client’s needs.
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